Don't Miss Out On A Boosted Board For XMAS Get In Early

   November 21, 2017

You are now able to buy Boosted Boards right here in Australia and have all your parts, support and warranty looked after by us.  Over the last few weeks Boosted has unleashed the new Dual + board and man are you going to be impressed.  Having Aussie brand Evolve instore for 2 years now, they have set the bar super high.  We now get to stock and have demo models of arguably the 2 best electric skateboard brands on the Planet.  

Boosted Board Australia Boosted Boards Australia Boosted Boards Australia Boosted Boards Australia

Boosted have never before been available in Australia or had the benefit of local support, so this is exciting for you guys, us and Boosted Boards.  They are $2199.99 AU as an introductory offer (beat any fluctuation in the dollar) which is slightly cheaper than buying Boosted from the U.S, but buying from us we handle all your servicing and support.  There is an offer to reserve a Extended range Battery for $250 (RRP is over $500 AUD) if you do it now before XMAS.  Note they will not get here til after XMAS at this stage but youare guaranteed one.  You can pick it up instore or we ship anywhere in Australia via a secure courier which as opposed to normal shipping is faster, safer and fully insured.  We wouldn’t think you would want it any other way.  CLICK HERE and take a closer look or drop instore to Twelve Board Store and demo one for yourself.  As the premiere E-Skateboard dealer in Australia you can try Evolve, Boosted and Jed Board and choose the perfect board or you.  Boosted Boards Dual + now available in Australia HERE online or instore exclusively at 435A Bridge Rd, Richmond just outside the Melbourne CBD.

Boosted Boards Australia Boosted Boards Australia Boosted Boards Australia Boosted Boards Australia



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