Get Your 2018 Jones Hovercraft Before They Are Gone

   December 6, 2017

Powder snowboards do not come better than the totally redesigned 2017 Jones Hovercraft.  The newly tooled, reshaped Hovercraft is a dream to ride on those deep days while also holding it’s own on groomers.  The long nose and swallowtail will have you charging through powder or crud like nothing else but the 2017 models feature 3D Spoon which is set to change the game.   Float, glide and flow...that is 3D Spoon,

"On a surfboard, the subtle shaping of the nose is what makes the entry into a turn so smooth and fluid. The feeling of an effortless surf turn is what inspired the evelopment of SPOON. Instead of having to abruptly tip the board into a turn, SPOON lets you roll your edge into a turn. I've been on a quest to design a snowboard that has the glide and edge-to-edge fluidity of a surfboard for years. Our new Spoon base contours finally cracked the code on how to achieve this next level of board performance." - Jeremy Jones 

Along with 3D Spoon in the nose the new Jones Hovercraft comes with Speed Channel tail. The edges of the Spoon nose are beveled up for improved float and turn fluidity while the tail edges are beveled up for less catch. In between the raised tail edges, the base is concave like a channel on a surfboard for improved glide.  Our customers swear by the power and float the Jones Hovercraft delivers and the new features just make it even better.  Make sure you get yours before they sell out again.  

Shop HERE for your new 2017 Jones Hovercraft, also available in the Womens Hovercraft as well.  As the only Jones EPICenter in Australia we stock the biggest range of JonesSizes are selling out get on it!