Go Fast & Carve Hard | Boosted Electric Skateboards

   January 10, 2018

Whether you’re a skater, surfer, or snowboarder, you know the feeling of flying into a deep, sensuous carve. This is the heart of all board sports—go fast and turn. It’s what we love and crave.  Boosted was born from the dream of putting the thrill of speed in the palm of your hands. And not just speed—control. Over the last seven years we have worked to craft an electric vehicle with computer-mapped acceleration and braking patterns that offer a natural sensation you’d never expect to reach off the mountain.  feel is everything so we source our decks and wheels from manufacturers who live and breathe it. Designed and produced in California, Loaded boards and Orangatang wheels are chosen for their durability and performance in high-stakes situations by some of the world’s top downhill skateboarders. In addition to the extensive tests by both riders and manufacturer, Boosted implements in-house testing which mimics conditions specific to electric skateboards.

New stock of Boosted Electric Skateboards has just arrived in Melbourne, Australia and only at Twelve Board Store.  The Boosted new Dual + is one of the nicest feeling e-boards on the market, and with the new extended battery being released soon, it will make these the must have e-board brand in the World.  CLICK HERE and take a closer look or drop instore to Twelve Board Store and demo one for yourself.  As the premiere E-Skateboard dealer in Australia you can try Evolve, Boosted and Jed Board and choose the perfect board or you.  Boosted Boards Dual + now available in Australia HERE online or instore exclusively at 435A Bridge Rd, Richmond just outside the Melbourne CBD.

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