Japan Powder? Meet The 2018 Yes 420

   January 12, 2018

Great to have Yes Snowboards owner and legend JP Solberg instore this week to catchup, talk us through the 2019 line of Yes Snowboards.  New tech, precision and the board he cannot live without.  The Yes 420 is a game changer.  One of the first of it’s kind to change the way we think about volume and how it affects snowboards. By making the board wider under foot instead of longer, it gives the board the same surface area as if it was 10cm longer but you get to huck a short board around without any sacrifice to float in deep snow.  The 420 was made for Japan.  The short board floats like something so much bigger so you get that contrrol in trees without losing the float in the deep stuff.  Control on groomers, small and light to travel with, the 420 is the perfect Japan stick.  It’s the board JP takes everywhere.  Limited numbers available, and do not forget about the 420 Powderhull, check them online HERE or jump into the store and see the best range of powder snowboards in Australia.  The finest snowboards, the best range, 12 months a year.  Get yours!

JP Solberg and the 2018 Yes 420 Buy The 2018 Yes 420 

Buy The Yes Snowboards 420 HERE