Korua Shapes | Yearning For Turning Japan

   August 10, 2017

Still turning.  The hype we have seen already with Korua Shapes landing instore has been pretty cool.  Not only do the sleek, white top sheeted boards standout, the story is perfect for us.  A brand whose whole vibe is about deep snow and big turns.  Every shape has a distinct rider and style in mind.  From the tight agressive turning Cafe Racer, the surfy all-rounder Tranny Finder to the asymmetrical powder shaped Apollo plus all the others.  A turning experience for everyone.  Twelve is the only store in Victoria to stock Korua so stop in and check them out before they are gone.  After this clip you will want to buy one!

KORUA Shapes - YEARNING FOR TURNING Vol. 4 - Still Turning from KORUA Shapes on Vimeo.