Must Have: Loaded Icarus Longboard

   February 7, 2018

The Icarus is one of the newest boards the guys at Loaded Boards has released and it is probably the most versatile in the range.  The Icarus is a carving board that promises to bring the snowboarding and surfing feel to your street.  The name say’s it all, ride the Icarus and you will fly.  The graphic on the bottom depicts the Greek God with melted wax wings and is a work of art in itself. 

Dive into the construction of the board and you get a 5-part vertically laminated bamboo core pressed between triaxial fibreglass, epoxy and cork.  The result is a lively ride that will allow you to take it almost everywhere.  The deck concave is super pronounced and locks your feet in so even when you are throwing your weight into turns you are not going anywhere.  The board is light, snappy and features kicktails so those freestyle moves come easy, super versatile.  

Customize your wheel combo to really dial your ride.  We like to set it up with Orangatang Kegals.  The big wheels feel awesome and really give the feeling of carving a snowboard.  The Loaded Icarus is the perfect board when you want to do it all. The board will cruise, carve and slide in all conditions.  Available is various flexes depending on what flavor you like and custom truck and wheel options.  Check it out HERE

Loaded Boards New Icarus