Must Have: The Carver Ahi Is Made From Recycled Fishing Nets

   January 12, 2018

One of the coolest skateboards from Carver is back in stock.  “The Carver Ahi”  pushes the limits of skateboard innovation, and the board is yet another way Bureo is empowering us all to help save the ocean. Taken from the sea to the streets, this board has given 50 square feet of discarded fishing nets a new purpose.  After more than a year of development and testing, Carver is excited to announce the release of their collaboration model with Bureo Skateboards. The Ahi features Carver’s CX Mini 5″ truck. Incorporating patented technology, the reverse king pinned Carver CX truck system allows the rider to pump the board like a surfboard, bridging the gap between surfing and skating.  Designed for the elements, this board was built for a lifetime. The journey has just begun. Descend with it from the mountains, pump it through the city…cruise to the surf. Take it along as you travel from continent to continent, drift from ocean to ocean. Let it be a lasting reminder of the urgent need to protect our oceans and push for a better tomorrow.  Proudly Made in California. Sold right here in Twelve Board Store, Australia.

Carver makes an incredible range of surf style skateboards that use a unique truck system to give you the feel of a surfboard while you cruise the concrete.  Check them out instore or online here now.

The Carver Ahi