New! 2019 Nitro Team Series Snowboard Has Arrived

   April 24, 2018

This time of year is so good.  Weather is getting colder, day’s are shorter and the store is filling up with fresh snow gear.  It does not get much better than right now.  This is the time of year when every size, every color and every model is instock.  If you are looking for new snowboards, new snowboard boots, new snowboard outerwear, new snowboard bindings or anything to go with is the time.  Shop online or drop into the store located in Richmond, just outside the Melbourne CBD HERE.

2019 Nitro Snowboards just dropped including the new Nitro Team.  We do the Team in both the Gullwing and Camber versions.  Camber will offer stability and pop while Gullwing is looser and catch free.  A favorite among the Nitro International Team and is in fact Seb Toot’s Big Air board of choice.  All sizes of the 2019 Nitro Team available online HERE and instore.  New snowboards….yeeeeewwwww!

2019 Nitro Team Snowboard