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Twelve is stoked to announce that we have have partnered up with Boosted Boards out of California in the U.S.A and are now stocking these incredible electric skateboards.  You are now able to buy Boosted Boards right here in Australia and have all your parts, support and warranty looked after by us.  Over the last few weeks Boosted has unleashed the new Dual + board and man are you going to be impressed.  Having Evolve instore for 2 years now, they have set the bar super high.  We now get to stock and have demo models of arguably the 2 best electric skateboard brands on the Planet.  


Boosted Board Australia Boosted Boards Australia Boosted Boards Australia Boosted Boards Australia

Boosted have never before been available at a retail level in Australia or had the benefit of local support, so this is exciting for you guys, us and Boosted.  What we first noticed unboxing our first board is the high end finish, premium look and feel of the board...everything is perfect.  Having sold longboards for ages, Loaded Boards are a staple when it comes to premium boards.  The deck quality and craftsmanship is immediatley obvious at first glance, the mentality of just getting one of the best to make it for you has payed off in spades, such a lightweight, good looking and great feeling board right out of the box.  Little things like the way it is set up with the battery towards the front and motor at the back give the board a nice balance, where we are used to having one end (usually the motor end) being super heavy, in fact the whole board is only 6kg.  They come stock with 83mm Orangatang Kegal wheels and Boosted’s Standard Battery which will give you speeds up to 35km/h and a range of around 12km.  That’s probably the biggest difference between Evolve and Boosted is the range.  Evolve is all power and range and they do it well.  But make no mistake these boards are nothing alike.  Boosted with that all Bamboo deck is lightweight, smooth and really all about the city commuter who is going to take short, fast trips, carving and cruising through your city back streets.  You can pick it up easily, carry it around, jump on public transport, charge any urban terrain...that’s who the board is designed for.  The trucks feel like a medium hardness bushing offering great control, smooth carving and do not take very much effort to turn, my 10 year old rides it no problem.  

Boosted Boards Australia Boosted Boards Australia Boosted Boards Australia Boosted Boards Australia

A big thing we really dig is the remote, rock solid. It feels so good in the hand and the simple thumb controlled wheel is so simple to move forward and back.  One thing people talked about was the Dead Man Switch on the remote.  You have to supress the trigger for the board to work, once released the board cuts out and just free rolls.  Clever, safe and such a good feature!  It is also Bluetooth which will eliminate potential drop out issues.  Once you get it fired up you will love the flex and feel, especially if your a snowboarder or surfer, like riding the endless wave.  It is quiet and not jerky to operate and with the 4 different settings on the remote I can control how fast or slow I go with the press of a button.

Buy The Boosted Dual + Electric Longboard

They are $2199.99 as an introductory offer (beat any fluctuation in the dollar) which is the same as you can get one here from the U.S, benefit from us is that we handle all your servicing and support.  There is an offer to reserve a Extended range Battery for $250 (RRP is over $500 AUD) if you do it now.  Note they will not get here til after XMAS at this stage.  You can pick it up instore or we ship anywhere in Australia for a flat rate of $40 via courier which as opposed to normal shipping is faster, safer and fully insured.  We wouldn’t think you would want it any other way.  CLICK HERE and take a closer look or drop instore to Twelve Board Store and demo one for yourself.  As the premiere E-Skateboard dealer in Australia you can try Evolve, Boosted, Jed Board and soon Inertion and find the perfect board for you.  Boosted Boards Dual + now available in Australia HERE online or instore.